Friday, May 21, 2010

Our Crazee Life

Maeci Got an award for attending a State Meet in Math:

I have been working super hard with my photography "business" and got to spend some time with a few 2010 graduating seniors:

This girl's just looking too grown up!

Hannah was chosen to sing a solo at a show, recently. You can go to our Youtube page to watch the performance, if you want :)

You can be mad if you want. I understand. I haven't written, called. It's almost as if I dropped right off of this big spinny planet that we're all on. So, if you're upset with me. I understand...really, I do.

What's that?

Oh, you have your own life and didn't even miss me or notice really that I wasn't around. Oh...

Can we all pretend that you've been just dying to know what's going on? Okay, great. Thanks, you're a real friend that way. So, without further blah blah blah blah blah from me... let's get caught up, shall we? What have you been up to?

The reason for my absence can be blamed on a multitude of happenings... those busy girls of mine, learning the ins and outs of photo shop for my photography (and I use the word loosely) business, missing my daddy, not feeling like blogging--when it's so much easier to send a status update to facebook via cell phone, or actually working on becoming a professional facebook stalker. It's exhausting, I tell ya. Okay, I'm blah blah blah'ing again. I'll stop now. Promise :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Triple Lessons

Maeci recently completed her first year of Junior High Track. Track meets are an interesting event to say the least. It's kind of like going to the circus. Only the smelly animals are replaced by athletes...which, considering some haven't mastered the art of hygiene-- is a fair comparison I'd say. Oh yeah, and unlike a circus, you actually get recognition and awards for the tricks you perform. Which makes track meets a little better than the circus--well, until you consider that there is no cotton candy at a track meet--and well, then circus reigns supreme.

Enough of my hibble hobble...

Miss Mae competed in 4 events at the track meet. She placed in 3. Out of those she received two medals for a second and a third place, and just missed a medal with a fourth place in triple jump. It was a pretty successful day at the circus track meet, I'd say.

How To Trimple Jump (with pictures) by Miss Mae:

Start from your marked spot and run like a dog is chasing you toward the giant sand box:

It helps if you have a mom who is at the end of the sand box yelling, "Go go go go go go!" It seems to make you really go! Or that's what I like to tell myself as I listen to my mom chant that over, and over and over again:
Just before you get to the scratch line, push off with one foot and hop as far as you can. (authors note: sticking your tongue out is optional, but I find that it really helps give that extra umph that is needed)

Now, here's the tricky part, immediately follow the hop,with a skip. Yes- skip as if you're 6 on a playground hanging with your best buds. Only with a tad bit more determination:

...and then for the love of everything that is good and sweet. JUMP!

Forget about your troubles....

Forget about the world....

be free.....

feel the air...


...and if you happen to fall...

And chances are you will:

Keep Trying!

Until you get it right....

The End

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Zoie & Ozie

Yesterday, I took the dogs to the groomer. A pretty uneventful occurence on any other day...nothing blog worthy really. Except for the fact that:
1. The dogs were looking like burly little koala bears instead of schnauzers prior to their groomer visit
2. The groomer that we visit takes the words, "Just shave 'em" quite literally...
3. Thanks to the new hair cut we discovered that our male dog (who we have never had neutered) is naturally 1/2 neutered.... (and if you remember a previous post that discussed an incident with me, Ozie, and a pair of scissors.... rest assured I had nothing to do with this!)

Anyhoo.... Ozie seems to not mind his predicament too much really, and as far as hair cuts go, he didn't really mind going from fluffy to bald too much:
He and Zoie are the best of friends, really.... He even consoled her when she was not as happy with her hair cut results...

Usually girls want to get rid of our facial hair... Seriously what female actually wants a beard and bushy eyebrows? Now Zoie, it was her pride and joy
Oh bummer... What's a girl to do...
Don't worry Zoie.

Ozie still thinks you've got it going on! :) What a fella!
This post was brought to you compliments of Maeci and Hannah --who insisted on going home with friends on an early out day instead of hanging out with mom. Apparently when I have time on my hands--the dogs get more interesting... just saying.
Oh, and by the way: Lots going on at the Scott house. Can't wait to fill ya in with goings on of the people people who live here and not just the doggy people. Have a great Thursday!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wordless {Whatever} Day It Is...

If you want to watch the girls' latest voice recital performance, you can go to our You Tube Page.

We are busy. Are you???

As of Friday {12th} at 12:30...we're on Spring Break.

We're going to the BIG D! And, I do mean Dallas. We are going to enjoy some out of the normal routine fun. Yay, go us!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Got a minute?

The photography site is officially up and running. :) I'm really, really excited about it.

You can check it out here, and let me know what you think.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

February {so far} in a Nutshell!

Miss Mae recently went to a Valentine's Dance. With a date. When I picked her up afterward, she said and I quote: That was the best night ever! Here she is with my sister-(not her date)-ha ha! before the dance. We have rules for the blog-and we try to protect the innocent. (Like boys who are friends, or boyfriends or whatever) Facebook, however, is a whole other story...mwwwwwahahahaha!

These, on the other hand, are not a blog violation. Miss Mae received these this year for Valentine's Day. She said it was the best gift ever! Big Daddy shakes his head reflectively and I think about the days that I got sick of watching Barney the Dinosaur over and over and over again....
Oh, Maeci. What in the world am I going to do with you?

Big Daddy, had a few tricks up his sleeve this Valentine's Day as well. He absolutely pulled out all of the stops--and I got this for Valentine's Day!

It's literally no wonder that after nearly 14 years--my heart still skips a beat. He knows me so well! :)

Hannah Grace had a date of her own. Only, it was with the orthodontist. (Come on--she's way too young to even think about "liking" a boy). Yes, I'm probably in denial--but, she's the baby...let's give her another 15 years.

After school yesterday, I asked her to smile for another picture.... She was absolutely not having it! She was so excited to get braces before she actually got them. Right after they put them on--she was still pumped. Several hours later--she was not a happy camper. She wanted me to get a "refund" and return the devil's contraption.

Earlier in the day, it was a different story. Here's the before:

Finally, finally--a forced smile. She said it feels like her teeth are wearing clothes that are way too tight for them and they're throwing a temper tantrum.

We are so excited that we will be soon celebrating Grandma's 93rd Birthday. What a wonderful, wonderful blessing she is to each of us. I found these cute invites at Target. They were supposed to be birth announcements--at least that's what the "sample card" showed. Hannah just didn't understand why we had to get birth announcements--instead of Happy Birthday invites. After we finished them--she still thought they looked like "We have a new baby boy!" instead of Happy Birthday Great Grandma. I think they're perfect.

The 16th of February was my dad's birthday. He would have been 68. Hannah Grace asked me if there are birthdays in heaven. I responded with every day is like your birthday in heaven. I still miss my daddy. My kids miss their grandpapa. Life is still different--but we seem to be moving forward with more sure steps these days. A little at a time-it gets easier, but missing him... we still do indeed.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Crazee Gets Craftee Crafty

My sister had the greatest idea ever for the Superbowl this year. We lady folks had us a crafting hour(s) while the men folk kicked back (with a beverage of choice in hand)to watch gazillionaires toss the pigskin around. Don't get us wrong now, football we do not despise--but seriously?!? A 6 month sport--it's a bit much don't ya think?

Luckily for us, some people are way better planners than I. And, we had a crafting good time making these cute flower hair accessories.

Miss Mae's not much for arts and crafts. Hannah Grace, on the other hand, loved every. single. minute! She was so inspired she decided to make these to hand out as a Valentine's Day treat to all of the girls in her class.

She had so much fun picking colors, and desiging the flowers for each different girl in her class. I had the honor of gluing the hair clips on the back of each flower. Have you ever had close contact with glue from a glue gun. I'm pretty sure it could be used as a torture device when interrogating criminals. All joking aside, the doctor said my burns should heal pretty quickly, I've just had to walk around for the last week with my hand in a glass of ice water.

{kidding} It wasn't that bad, I'm just a big baby.

Okay for real now, all joking aside, they were super simple to put together and too cute to boot! :) Hannah can't wait to pass them out at school tomorrow to all of her friends.
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